FROM New to oldish

Kimmortal-X Marks The Swirl (Polaris Prize Long List 2019)
Select Engineering, Production, Mixing

Monsterboy-OMG Single

Finch N Julius-Looking Back Single

Extra Deluxe-Night Games Single
Co-producer, Mixing

Tissa Rahim-Silly Games Single
Producer, Engineer, Mixing

NoToKay Gang-Various

The Noodle Boys-Aldente EP
Engineer, Mixing, Mastering

Wrecked Beach-Wrecked Beach EP
Engineer, Mixing

Finch+Julius-Weekend Single

extra deluxe-Heartspace EP
Co-production, Engineer, Mixing

Kimmortal-Longing Single
Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Francis Arevalo- Home,Grown Album
CoProduction, Engineering, Mixing

Focus Your Audio-Shades Away Single
-Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Kimmortal-88 and Beyond Single
-Engineering, Mixing

Wavecutter-Paradise EP
-Production, Engineering, Mixing

Kyoto- Two Or Three Things I Know About Her EP

Hello Sun- Deep End EP
-Engineering, Mixing

Nik Tee-B.C BOY Album
-Additional Engineering, Mixing on "Sisters"

Tommy Campbell-Stupid Shaming Album
-Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Meridius-Sealed In Blood
-Additional Engineering

Francis Arevalo-The Lions We Are Album
-Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Sound Design

BSD- Lanterns Of The Dead ( In Production) Album
-Co-Producer,Engineer,Mixing Engineer, Sound Design

Francis Arevalo-Love & Basketball Album
-Mastering Engineer

Balo Cirrello-Select Singles
-Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering

Tommy Campbell- Hamster Pimp
-Arranging, Mixing Engineer


Dandy Jenkim-Supervolcano Demos
-Additional Engineering, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

The Crooked EP
-Co-producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer

Sam Bradley-When You Love Someone Album
- Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer

(Breakout West Nominated-Best Instrumental album) Don Alder-Armed And Dangerous Album
- Engineer

Jake Touzel-Bad Faith EP
- Mixing Engineer

Lady and The Tramp-The Tramp EP
- Mixing Engineer

Tylor David-True Romance EP
- Mixing Engineer

The Intelligence Service EP
- Engineer, Mixing

Meridius Album
- Asst Engineer

(Grammy Nominated) La Gucana Ceiga- Monarcha LP (w Howard Redekopp
-Asst Engineer

Urban Judge-Urban Judgement EP
- Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Joemo Money Album

Ogroem EP
- Engineer

Owl Skowl EP
- Engineer

Heals Using Music-Compilation
- Engineer

Judith Bartlett EP
- Engineer

Youth Offender-Things That Make Us Weak EP
- Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Celia And The Gentle Mysics-Demo EP
- Engineer, Mixing

Bestie- No Bad Days( w Howard Redekopp)
- Asst Engineer

Timothy Jaromir- ( w Howard Redekopp)
- Asst Engineer

Allo- Allo Demos
- Engineer, Mixer

The Sandcats-Covers LP
 - Engineer, Mixer

This is The Shoes- TiTS
- Engineer, Mixer

Isolation 3-Big In Japan
- Engineer, Mixer

- Producer, Engineer, Mixer

The North Coast-Im Coming Home EP
- Producer, Engineer, Mixer

- Producer, Engineer, Mixer